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100th Birthday Celebration In Memory Of Three Time Undisputed World Champion Boxer Henry Armstrong!! 


The Henry Armstrong Foundation, Inc. is appealing to every boxing fan, professional boxers, promoters, trainers, commentators and the general public, to join in the fight to help those who are less fortunate in honor of legendary Boxer Henry Armstrong’s 100th Birthday.

We are raising funds to celebrate Henry Armstrong’s 100th Birthday, on Wednesday, December 12, 2012; our goal is to raise $100,000.00.

Funds will be used to feed the homeless men, women and children on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, through the Midnight Mission, an organization that was very dear to my grandfather’s heart and provide scholarships to underprivileged high school senior students. All donations are fully tax deductable.

Mr. Armstrong’s talents in the ring are well known and documented. What isn’t widely known is that there was a time in his life before he achieved championship status when circumstances rendered him homeless, penniless, and in need of basic sustenance – which is when he sought refuge and support from The Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles.

Mr. Armstrong utilized the services extended to him in the winter of 1930, and went on to achieve a life of great personal success, as well as being of tremendous service to others.

Your contribution of any amount would greatly help the Henry Armstrong Foundation reach their goal in time for our December 7th deadline.

The Henry Armstrong Foundation would be honored to have you help pay tribute to Henry Armstrong: a man whose life truly deserves to be honored.

In return for your generosity, the foundation will be printing the names of each person or business involved with the fund raiser event on a commemorative t-shirt.

Click on the donation button to make a donation today in memory of Henry Armstrong’s 100th Birthday. All donations rather small or large will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to your support regarding this matter, and am available anytime should you have any questions or concerns at (323) 634-2199.


Edward Scott, Jr.President - CEO
Henry Armstrong Foundation