The following poems below are from Twenty  Years of Poem, Moods, and Mediations (1954), and were written by Henry  Armstrong himself.


My Father, divine Master,

Honor my humble blessings,

In Thy Holy Kingdom,

Let not my utterances,

be a bore.


Give me the power of Thy divinity,

In Thy power of belief and goodness,

I have wanted to believe in.

Take not from me,

Dear God,

The wisdom of Thy truth,

Let not evil spirits rid me,

Of the wealth of Thy kingdom.

Let me,

Be made to sacrifice,

In doing Thy will,

Of the Holy Temple.

                                                        -  HENRY J. ARMSTRONG



Oh sacred life of imagination,

Why fill my soul with wonder,

And of beautiful dreams,

Making me search in quest of thee,

Believing in a destiny untold.

Not fathomed, unseen,

Leaving me to search,

Until I am too old.


Why boost my courage so high,

To some palatial heaven in the sky,


What am I?


What are you?

Are you the Creator?

Maker of my frantic dreams,

Master of my soul,


Image of life and liberty?

Peace after war,

Harmony in despair,

Imagination I am seeking,

Because you gave me,

The wisdom to seek,

And I am thankful for that knowledge.



You caught my eye as a flickering star

Quiet, in a huge wide world afar.

But there you stood

Shining beautifully

Making your halo out of dust-

As a tiny microbe shimmering here on earth,

I discerned you,

Way up there.

With just a little song of mirth

That poets make about you

Here on Earth.

Your kind of light

Radiates so far,

Unlike all the others

You are picked as an individual star.



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